Vitamin C Shower Filters Australia

Vitamin C is an extremely common component in a variety of anti-aging skin care and hair care products. It’s known for having several different benefits for people with skin types that need a little extra care. While many ingredients popular in the skin care market tend to come and go with the trends, vitamin C has stuck around and will be around for the foreseeable future.

Why Vitamin C Shower Filters?

As a matter of fact, skin care experts are always looking for new ways to absorb the health benefits of vitamin C. One of the latest inventions on the market is the vitamin C shower filter. It delivers a steady stream of vitamin C into your shower head. That vitamin C-infused water is then used to clean the body and hair. The vitamins are absorbed directly at the source without any contaminants. It’s could possibly be one of the best ways to deliver the nutrients to your skin.

The Many Health Benefits Of Vitamin C Shower Filters

Vitamin C is nature’s way of curing its own damage. For example, ultraviolet radiation takes its toll on the skin every second that you’re outside. There are also plenty of other environmental factors, such as pollution, that can speed up the aging process. They cause collagen to degrade, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

Vitamin C has been used for some time to help fight these accelerated forms of aging. It’s present in many different natural fruits and vegetables, but not much of it reaches the skin when eaten. That’s why topical solutions were usually the best method for delivering the vitamin C to the skin. When applied this way, the vitamin C will promote the growth of new collagen and help slow down the signs of aging.

Not only does it help slow down the signs of aging by promoting collagen growth, but it also helps shield the body against new damage. It does this via its powerful antioxidant properties. Vitamin C has actually been used since ancient times in this manner though they likely didn’t know exactly how it was working at the time.

In 600 AD Chinese women would apply sea buckthorn to their face, arms, and other areas of exposed skin. It is a very potent source of vitamin C and would help severely resist the unwanted signs of aging.

The Vitamin C Shower Filter Difference

Vitamin C is obviously great for the skin and hair, but this isn’t the only reason so many people are rushing to install an affordable vitamin C shower. There are some other unique benefits of vitamin C that can’t be utilized in the form of a topical agent. It’s actually extremely useful when it comes to removing unwanted hazards from the water.

Chlorine is commonly used throughout the country to treat sources of public water. Chlorine is great at destroying toxins like germs, bacteria, and other small organisms. It’s so great at doing this because chlorine itself is actually toxic. So what does that mean about the people who drink it or shower in it on a daily basis? What sort of damage can it be doing to them?

Chlorine works as a gas at first. During a hot shower, some of the chlorine will evaporate from the water and then be inhaled by whoever is taking a shower as well as other people in the house. Combine this with drinking heavily-chlorinated water and the average person can intake more than 50 times the medically recommended amount of chlorine.

Vitamin C has been used in tablet forms to help neutralize heavily-chlorinated waters for some time. The vitamin C shower takes this process to an entirely new level. Of course, it’s impossible to de-chlorinate a shower with a capsule because the water is always running. That’s why they invented the vitamin C shower filter.

The vitamin C shower filter is essentially a cartridge that you attach to the shower head. Our filters remove 99.95 OF THE chlorine from up to 15,000 gallons of water before they need to be replaced. The water passes through the shower filter and the vitamin C bonds to the chlorine. It’s more effective than any existing shower filtration method. It also has the added benefit of delivering vitamin C directly to the skin and hair.

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